Industries We Serve

U.S. Collections Agency Committed to Compliance

Throughout all of the clients that we serve, SynCom knows that different size businesses have different needs. We understand the challenges of both large and small companies so we prepare our specialists with specialty training for individual portfolios. SynCom is committed to the highest level of excellence. We continually expand our accounts receivable services in innovative ways to lead to the financial success of our clients.

SynCom is an industry leader in providing a wide range of accounts receivable solutions for clients in the following industries:

Banks and Credit Unions: Bank credit card receivables, delinquent mortgages, lines of credit, auto loans, student loans, personal loans, and business loans.

Consumers and Auto Finance: Consumer and auto finance businesses such as heating and air conditioning, hardware, furniture/appliance, construction, prime and subprime automotive, plumbing, and more.

Healthcare: Doctors and other professional medical practitioners, hospitals, ambulance services, and medical care companies.

Property and Service Contracts: Casinos, hotels, timeshares, apartment rental contracts, gym/fitness centers, and other commercial real estate.

Communications and Utilities: Utilities such as electric companies, internet/cable/satellite providers, water/sewage businesses, and telecom providers.

Government: Municipalities such as cities, towns, and counties; and academic institutions (student loans).

Our company stays up to date in the ever-changing field of accounts receivable management (ARM). Updates to collections, as well as compliance regulations across the industry are top-priority to the account specialists at SynCom. We maintain an internal compliance department to ensure our legal standards exceed all state and federal laws, including standards set by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Established Accounts Receivable Success

SynCom and our executive team have over 100 years of combined experience in 1st party collections3rd party collections, and the servicing of performing portfolios. We are insured and bonded above all standards recommended by the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA) and we meet or exceed all federal and state regulations. Contact us at 1-800-270-9685 or fill out our online contact form for immediate assistance with your accounts receivable management.