About Us

National Account Receivables Management

Experienced Collection Agency Assistance

PBCM is a full-service national receivable management (ARM) company that focuses in 1st party collections (pre-charge off), 3rd party collections, and servicing of performing portfolios. In 1994, the agency was founded in Elk Grove, California. Over two decades later, we have grown to include a corporate headquarters in Denver, Colorado; a branch office in Richmond, Virginia; and still maintain a call center in California.

Our agency is specialized in accounts receivable of 1st party collections (or pre-charge off accounts). We also have the staff and capabilities for special projects and workflow scenarios to fit any accounts receivable need. PBCM maintains enough personnel to assist clients in industries from credit unions to healthcare and government to communications. We offer full litigation services and in-house attorney counsel to oversee legal collections.

On a local and national level, our commitment to customers leads us to maintain active memberships in the Elk Grove, California Chamber of Commerce, the California Association of Collectors, and the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA).

PBCM’s Commitment to Excellence

PBCM’s mission is to provide the highest compliance possible with competitive returns and unparalleled customer service. We will maintain our clients’ reputations and uphold their brand name in the process.

The PBCM mission statement encompasses our vision to be the preferred and most trusted resource to our clients for the services that enhance their bottom line, brand, and reputation. We maintain national and state Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) standards as well as adhere to compliance in our industry. PBCM’s internal Compliance Department ensures regulation compliance as well. PBCM is tested every 90 days to ensure compliance of all state and federal guidelines.

Industry-Leading Accounts Receivable Software and Service

PBCM uses the latest AdvantEdge® technology with remote auditing intelligence to maximize our clients’ accounts receivable efficiency. PBCM implements multiple methods of data transfer, including full encryption capabilities. With two active call centers, our flexible customer service representatives have the bandwidth and availability to handle any small or large volume of accounts.

Our advanced technology coupled with a quality customer service department ensures that PBCM is the right choice for all your current and future accounts receivable needs. To contact PBCM, call 1-800-270-9685 or fill out our online contact form. As an experienced accounts receivable company, PBCM is the trusted and resourceful partner you have been looking for.