Accounts Receivable Management

As an experienced accounts receivable company in the United States, SynCom has become a trusted full-service partner throughout the industry. SynCom offers customized revenue cycle management solutions to a number of industries, including the ever-growing healthcare industry. We maintain strict compliance with all HIPAA laws and regulations.

While the healthcare industry continues to grow, health insurance regulations change, and the number of self-pay patients rises, we also see an increase in “bad debts” in the healthcare industry. At SynCom, we understand that the nature of healthcare receivables is more sensitive and private than the accounts receivable of some our other industry clients.

Our healthcare industry clients understandably require an accounts receivable management (ARM) company that can deal with their patient/account holders with respect. SynCom account specialists deliver individualized ARM services to our healthcare industry clients, by tailoring the account recovery process to individual healthcare organizations and patients, allowing for successful and humane account resolution.

Our Healthcare Industry Services

SynCom understands the importance for customers to be contacted early and frequently. With the multitude of changes and transitions that the healthcare industry faces, more often than not hospitals and healthcare providers have too much on their schedules, and are ultimately unable to pursue delinquent account holders as early and often as is necessary.

SynCom provides our healthcare industry clients with 1st party collections (pre-charge off collections) and 3rd party collections services, including phone call and letter campaigns, that will increase the likelihood of resolving delinquent accounts receivable while maintaining respect and compassion for the client’s patients. Our account specialists can tailor such services to the unique needs of a healthcare industry client, making the account recovery process seamless and civilized.

At SynCom we pride ourselves in delivering accounts receivables management solutions tailored to our clients’ industry needs and by providing exceptional customer service. Please contact us at 1-800-270-9685 to explore how our accounts receivable management solutions can benefit the healthcare industry.