First Party Solutions

Pre-Charge Off Collections and Receivables Management

Often times companies do not have the means necessary to contact customers about the delinquencies in their accounts. SynCom offers the account specialists necessary to perform 1st party collection services in order to maintain seamless processes and maximize client returns. Account receivable representatives are provided on a full-time (FTE) basis. We provide a professional customer service-based approach in contacting customers and reminding them of their obligations to their overdue accounts.

SynCom performs reminder calls on behalf of our clients’ names to recently past-due customers and courtesy calls for serious delinquencies. We believe in respectful yet efficient customer service in dealing with our clients’ delinquent account holders. Our account specialists understand the value of current customer relationships and execute calls efficiently to protect the reputations of our clients. We will protect your brand while providing a full range of customer service contact and collection duties.

Our 1st Party Collections Process

SynCom dedicates accounts receivable teams to assigned custom client portfolios. Our account specialists are only assigned to account portfolios in which they have industry experience with in order to successfully achieve client goals. SynCom’s success throughout the years has come in part by maintaining lower collector account loads while maximizing coverage and generating faster customer contact.

A particular accounts specialist team will remain on a client account until it is paid-in-full or the account is charged-off. Partial payment arrangement accounts are also maintained by a team of collectors who track and follow up with payments until an account is closed. No matter a clients’ 1st party collection need, a custom collections portfolio can be created, and results-based plans can be implemented.

State-of-the-Art Calling Services

We integrate sophisticated technology and professional organization into our calling services so our accounts receivable representatives can connect with overdue clients quickly. This technology and organization, used in conjunction with the AdvantEdge®, the industry leader in collection software, makes SynCom an innovative asset in 1st party collections services.

SynCom is always seeking new ways to streamline accounts receivable services through technology. We look to provide our clients with efficient processes and maximized returns and we do so through this commitment to advancement. Contact SynCom to conduct your 1st party (pre-charge off) calls in an innovative and advanced accounts receivable management (ARM) company.