Servicing of Performing Portfolios

Accounts Receivable Management

SynCom offers a proven strategy for portfolio and accounts receivable management (ARM) that is unsurpassed. Our account specialists receive industry-specific training and portfolio assignments to ensure that they are the best fit for each of our clients. They are dedicated to the type of portfolio they have been training on and we ensure their strengths benefit all accounts receivable strategies to achieve individual, company, and client goals.

Our ARM solutions are available for many business industries including financial institutions, healthcare, government, and so on. SynCom’s customized solutions help our clients increase customer satisfaction, reduce debt recovery costs, and increase the return on investment (ROI). We provide accounts receivable solutions, delinquency administration, and customer services for all client portfolios.

A standard ARM report for our client includes the following key points:

  • Client-Specific Needs: Customized information on an ad hoc basis.
  • Account Acknowledgment: Each account placed will be acknowledged and will show the names and balances.
  • Client Statement: Illustrates all ARM activity during the previous month.
  • Client Inventory: Reflects a complete listing of active accounts with dollars placed, the current balances and the status of each account.
  • Actuarial Performance Report: Tracks portfolio performance by placement, month, and year.

These aspects are then customized to meet a clients’ ongoing needs. With the use of our AdvantEdge® recovery management software, clients have access to unlimited custom report generation.

SynCom Emphasizes Compliance Standards

Above all accounts receivable specialties SynCom offers, our main goal is compliance to state and federal laws. In all of our 1st party and 3rd party collection services, we stress the importance of adhering to all federal rules and regulations. When running an accounts receivable company, it can be difficult to fulfill compliance standards, but at SynCom we also recognize the importance of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau standards.

SynCom focuses on compliance, generating contacts, and maintaining a well-trained staff. Our goals allow us to be one of the top accounts receivable management companies in the U.S. Our bilingual English and Spanish staff can assist large and small businesses in many industries; we also have staff members fluent in French. Contact us today at 1-800-270-9685 for help with accounts receivable management today.