Quality Collection Company Serving the U.S. and Puerto Rico

For over 40 years, our account specialists have been providing services to business large and small. SynCom is an accounts receivable management (ARM) company that offers flexible client portfolios which can be customized to current and future needs. Through the use of advanced technology and a commitment to compliance, our business allows you to obtain the results you need with the security of legal accounts receivable services.

SynCom helps businesses through all types of accounts receivable management including:

SynCom offers call center service and a network of national attorneys at our disposal (as well as an internal legal staff). SynCom’s industry experience spans across numerous business industries, so we are able to provide recovery solutions for any type of client. We understand the industries we work with and the uniqueness of each field. Our business provides dedicated accounts receivable teams with experience in a client’s specific industry to make certain accounts receivable goals are achieved.

SynCom’s Accounts Receivable Management Strategy

At SynCom, our company is the “right size” for your collection needs. We maintain the personalized attention our larger competitors while being able to provide the volume of work our smaller competitors cannot. Additionally, we focus on three main elements to distinguish ourselves from our ARM rivals:

  1. SynCom maintains an internal compliance department to ensure we meet and/or exceed federal and state regulations.
  2. We generate contacts through a blend of hard work and state-of-the-art technology.
  3. Our well-trained accounts receivable staff enhances clients’ bottom lines with phone-generating payments.

A large part of our industry success comes from the use of the AdvantEdge® Recovery Management System. Our advanced technology will impact the overall success rate and efficiency for individual specialists and the clients they represent. Contact SynCom for more information on a specific accounts receivable service or our fee structure.