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Accounts Receivable Specialists

In the current economic environment, it is no surprise that an accounts receivable claim becomes less collectable as time goes on. SynCom offers a wide array of customized accounts receivable solutions to finance industry clients that operate under installment contracts. We also offer full litigation services and in-house attorney counsel to ensure that all account recovery and collection efforts made meet all relevant regulations.

Saving Your Company Time and Resources

Finance companies that are unable to collect payment for an account may not have the time or resources to pursue a delinquent account in a manner that SynCom knows is effective: by contacting the delinquent account holder early and often. Due to strict budgetary concerns, it is more cost-effective to move on, rather than to spend the time and manpower to pursue the delinquent account holder.

At SynCom, our account specialists understand the demands of the finance industry, and are here to tailor an accounts receivable portfolio specific to the needs of your company. Pursuit of collections from delinquent account holders in this particular industry requires firm and continuous contact.

Your Reputation is Important to Us

SynCom account specialists understand that the objective is not only to resolve the delinquent accounts, but to keep the customer as well. Service contract companies rely on their good reputation in order to stay in business. Good reputation is based not only on performance of a service contract, but also on customer service. Through fair and amicable account recovery strategies, SynCom strives to collect the money owed while retaining the customer.

First Party vs. ARM

SynCom provides our service contract industry clients with 1st party and ARM services that will increase the likelihood of resolving delinquent accounts receivable, while maintaining a respectful relationship between the finance company and its customer account holders.

First party ARM efforts include:

  • Cure Programs: SynCom account specialists target newly delinquent accounts to provide an opportunity to “self-cure”;
  • Early Stage Efforts: SynCom pursues delinquent accounts early and often, with a phone call and letter campaign;
  • Pre-Charge Off Efforts: Our account specialists continue the process with a systematic phone call and letter program before the delinquent account reaches “bad debt” or “post-charge off” status.

ARM efforts include:

  • ARM efforts: We focus on collecting accounts as an “ARM service” after other recovery efforts have been exhausted.

Our account specialists can tailor such services to the unique needs of our service contract industry client, making the account recovery process efficient and seamless. At SynCom, we pride ourselves providing unparalleled customer service and personalized services based on the needs of our clients. Please contact us at 1-800-270-9685 or via our online contact form to explore how our accounts receivable management (ARM) services can benefit your service contract company in the United States, including Puerto Rico.