Third Party Collections Services

3rd Party Collections and Accounts Receivable

Delinquent accounts can affect businesses if the customers are unresponsive to initial collection calls. SynCom offers a way to relieve this burden by assisting our clients’ in 3rd party collections. We provide effective call center support to small and large businesses looking to collect on outstanding accounts.

SynCom’s 3rd party collections teams provide our clients with reliable accounts receivable strategies that help recover lost revenue from delinquent accounts. With over 40 years of account receivable industry experience, our staff is committed to setting the industry standard for maximum recovery. Our clients can focus on the needs of their business and ongoing success while SynCom handles the accounts receivable management (ARM). We provide techniques such as skip tracing tools, collection letters, credit reporting, and more in our 3rd party collections processes.

Account Receivable Technology and Compliance

SynCom offers state-of-the-art technology to handle the large amount of calls, letters or research that needs to be made. The AdvantEdge® Recovery Management System allows for faster and more efficient 3rd party collections. Paired with IAT SmartDial® Solutions, our technology maximizes call coverage and generates faster customer contact.

Not only does our company put importance on technology, but we also put great significance on the compliance standards of the accounts receivable industry. SynCom’s commitment to compliance makes certain that we maintain regulations enacted by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Our Internal Compliance Department was developed to ensure we are up to date with all legal standards and tests our staff every 90 days of all guidelines.

Contact SynCom for 3rd Party Collections

At SynCom, it is our mission to provide the highest compliance possible while maintaining our clients’ reputations. We can help all businesses, large and small, with 3rd party and 1st party collections throughout the country from our call centers based in California and Denver. We are just the right size to dedicate an experienced team to a clients’ portfolio and generate successful recovery results. Contact SynCom at 1-800-270-9685 or fill out our online contact form to connect with a knowledgeable 3rd party collections agent.