Property Management

Accounts Receivable Management Solutions

SynCom is a fast-growing, full-service accounts receivable company providing a wide range of collections services to our clients. We offer customized accounts receivable solutions to a number of industries, including property management. We also offer full litigation services and in-house attorney counsel to ensure that all account recovery methods made on behalf of your property management company meet the relevant federal, state, and local regulations.

Property management is a growing industry, as property owners are not necessarily interested in hands-on management of their investment properties. Managing property day-to-day is both energy-consuming and time-consuming, as the needs of the property and its residents require constant attention. Our account specialists understand the demands of the property management business, and are here to tailor an accounts receivable management (ARM) portfolio specific to the needs of your company. Pursuit of collections from delinquent account holders in this particular industry, namely tenants who owe past-due rent, requires firm, approachable and understanding contact. SynCom account specialists understand that the objective is not only to resolve the delinquent accounts, but to keep the tenant as well. Through fair and amicable account recovery strategies, SynCom strives to collect the money owed while retaining the customer.

SynCom understands the importance of contacting delinquent account holders early and often. SynCom provides our property management clients with 1st party and 3rd party collections services that will increase the likelihood of resolving delinquent accounts receivable, while maintaining a respectful relationship between the property management company and account holders.

Services for the Property Management Industry

First party solutions include a cure program in which our account specialists contact accounts that are newly delinquent in order to allow them to “self-cure.” We also provide early stage collection programs, in which we pursue past-due accounts early and frequently, with communications in the name of the property management company. Finally, we continue on by using a systematic phone call before the account reaches “bad debt.”

Additionally, our ARM services include late stage programs, where our specialists review accounts that have become delinquent, and we employ our AdvantEdge® Recovery Management System technology in a process of a skip-tracing waterfall. We also have access to a network of attorneys in the event legal action is required.

At SynCom we pride ourselves in delivering accounts receivables solutions tailored to our clients’ industry needs and by providing top-notch customer service. Please call 1-800-270-9685 or contact us online to explore how our accounts receivable management (ARM) services can benefit your property management company in the United States and Puerto Rico.