Accounts Receivable Management Across the U.S.

Even in an uncertain economy, our government is expected to serve the public under increasingly strict budgetary constraints. SynCom recognizes that government entities are looking for a way in which to serve the public while continuing to collect fees and revenues.

SynCom offers a wide range of account recovery solutions tailored to the needs of our government clients, ensuring that all collection efforts meet federal, state and local regulations.

We provide account recovery services for all types of government debt, including but not limited to:

  • Taxes;
  • Court fines and fees;
  • Department of transportation-related fees and fines;
  • Student loans;
  • Child support obligations; and
  • Unemployment payments.

SynCom’s account receivables management solutions are flexible and adaptable to any government program. Our account specialists understand that the nature of government receivables requires the utmost attention to ethics and regulations, with equal consideration and respect delivered to the government‘s account holders. Considering the nature of the types of accounts receivable listed above, delinquent account holders are often emotional and stressed at any stage of delinquency, and require firm yet calm and compassionate contact regarding their delinquent accounts.

At SynCom, our account specialists deliver individualized service to our government clients by tailoring the account recovery process to the government agency and customers, allowing for successful and civilized account resolution.

We can provide clients with 1st party collection services, in which we pursue newly delinquent accounts that haven’t yet reached “bad-debt” status by making phone calls and initiating letter campaigns. We can also offer 3rd party collection services, at which time our specialists review previous collection attempts and renew efforts with accounts that have been delinquent for long periods of time.

At SynCom we pride ourselves in delivering accounts receivables solutions unique to our clients’ industry needs, and by offering our clients exceptional customer service. Please contact us online or call 1-800-270-9685 to explore how our accounts receivable management (ARM) services can facilitate government agencies/entities in the current economic environment.