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National Accounts Receivable Assistance

SynCom offers a full suite of customized accounts receivable management (ARM) services to a number of industries, including communications and utilities. SynCom understands the competing needs for improving your bottom line and enhancing your brand and/or reputation, while also increasing customer retention.

While the communications and utilities industries continue to grow, it is imperative that accounts receivable solutions are designed to address the issues facing the businesses within, as well as those issues faced by customers as well. At SynCom, our account specialists deliver individualized service to our communications and utilities clients, by tailoring the ARM portfolio to both the company and its clients/account holders, allowing for successful and respectful account resolution. Our account specialists carry small account loads, which allows our specialists to provide the individualized attention and expedited collection strategies that maximize efficiency and deliver superior customer service to our clients.

SynCom understands the importance of early and frequent communications with customers in the communications and utilities industries. Communications and utilities services are essential to our clients’ customers, and so before such critical services are shut off and written off as “bad debts,” SynCom account specialists provide delinquent account holders with early and frequent opportunities to resolve their accounts. SynCom offers communications and utilities industry clients 1st party and 3rd party collections services that will increase the likelihood of resolving delinquent accounts while maintaining a respectful relationship between the company and its customers.

At PCBM, we pride ourselves on the 1st party collection services we provide, which include a cure program that allows newly delinquent accounts an opportunity to “self-cure,” an early-stage collection effort in which our specialists pursue delinquent accounts early and often, and a pre-charge off collection effort, during which we continue with phone calls and letter programs to help the debt avoid falling into “post-charge off” status.

We also provide a host of 3rd party collection services, which include:

  • Additional efforts, during which we continue work on accounts that could not be reached in initial efforts, and have progressed through delinquency; and
  • State-of-the-art skip tracing waterfall, a process in which we use our AdvantEdge® Recovery Management System technology to pursue accounts in the end stages of delinquency.

At SynCom we pride ourselves in delivering accounts receivables solutions personalized to our clients’ industry needs, and by offering our clients quality customer service. Please contact us at 1-800-270-9685 to explore how our accounts receivable management services can benefit the communications and/or utilities industries in the modern world.