Banks and Credit Unions

Accounts Receivable Management Services

As a full-service accounts receivable company in the United States, SynCom has become a trusted and resourceful partner in the industry. SynCom offers customized accounts receivable solutions to a number of industry sectors, including banks and credit unions. In addition, SynCom offers full litigation services and in-house attorney counsel to oversee legal collections.

Our account specialists are trained in portfolio and accounts receivable management (ARM) solutions specific to banks and credit unions. As a customer of SynCom, banks and credit unions can rely on our performance and compliance in pursuing:

  • Bank credit card receivables;
  • Delinquent mortgages;
  • Lines of credit;
  • Secured and unsecured auto loans;
  • Student loans;
  • Personal loans; and
  • Business loans.

As time passes, accounts become less and less “collectable.” It is important that customers are contacted early and frequently. With the multitude of imperatives a bank or credit union client has on its plate, coupled with the pressure to cut costs, oftentimes the bank or credit union is unable to pursue delinquent account holders as early and often as is necessary. We offer our bank and credit union clients 1st party collections (also known as pre-charge off collections) ) which will increase the likelihood of collecting on delinquent accounts before they turn into “bad debts” and 3rd party collections services, including phone call and letter campaigns to increase recoveries for charged-off accounts. Our account specialists can tailor such services to match the needs of a bank or credit union client, making the account recovery process seamless and successful.

A Commitment to Clients

SynCom’s dedication to customer service is what sets us apart from other receivables management companies in the industry. Our account specialists carry a low account to collector ratio, allowing greater attention to individual accounts on daily basis, further expediting the collection process. Our bank and credit union clients can rely on the individualized attention that our larger competitors simply cannot deliver, due to volume of accounts and lack of flexibility. SynCom operates two call centers, one in California and one in Colorado, ensuring that our nationwide clients are able to reach us at any time with their questions and/or concerns.

At SynCom we pride ourselves in delivering accounts receivables solutions tailored to our clients’ industry needs, and by providing unparalleled customer service. Contact us at 1-800-270-9685 to explore how our accounts receivable management services can benefit your bank or credit union.